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im stuck on the loading screen

same :/

it sucks cuz it looks like a good game

same :(


This is sad OMG--

NOO :(


NOOOOOO.This is so sad!!

i love it


This was amazing i am struggling with me being bi and this little animation shows that a struggle can be good i like this alot i wish it was this easy to get into a relationship though :)


These lovers do be looking kinda crossed...STAR CROSSED THAT IS!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA I'm not sorry.


this is so f*cking sad and amazing, dude, i-i loved this *sobs*






I f****** love it


omg i love this game! :>

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This is really creative and emotional. I like the art. :)

I love how we are given choices about how the story will end.


make more games this was realy good


help im stuck on a bright pink screen

amazing :3

I apologize if I missed it, but what software did you use to make this?

Nice game, the art caught me <3

I have this game on my phone (downloaded it from the app store) and I'm so glad that it's on here because my phone broke and I'm currently waiting for it to be fixed


This game is really cute! Angela He always delivers. Simple story yet beautiful art work. With very few words Angela manages to paint a nice story. Fan of her work! 


I don't know what to do at the end. Can someone help me?

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i got stuck after playing baseball, when she's putting her hands on her shoulders pls help

howdo    I      

I need help with that to


omg this is literally so cute. such an amazing game!!


five star rate


it's embarrasing, I cried a little, it's so beatiful! thanks!


so fun and good


I love this one so much ;_; too beautiful

I'm kinda dumb, so I appreciate any thoughts, lol

I don't get Chapter 3 (Forget), the first scene where the tall girl is at the party talking with "friends", I just get that they don't share same interests, but what's with the money? I don't get why money's important on that part and why that makes the girl want to ""break up"" with the protagonist :( help pls

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They're saying that being an astronomer (which is her dream job) isn't the best source of income and doing something like coding and math would be much better. They kinda just disregarded her dream and said that going their route would be better and stopped talking about her interests all together. It's been a while since I've played though I may be wrong.

Thank you so much, that makes lots of sense! I can now be in peace for knowing what happened haha

this game is cute uwu

i literally love everything you do, and the fact that you used marcy's song at the end was honestly amazing, your games may not be the most complex , or long but theyre the most meaningful to me, thanks <3

this is so beutiful yet so sad )))):

beautiful :)


Can never play this without thinking about my ex whom im still in love with <3




It's really buggy :/ It just stops and you can't do anything on multiple occasions. I tried playing it both on my phone and on my pc but I don't know maybe it's just the browser version having a problem. Your art is amazing an it seems interesting but I just can't play it :( Wish I could tho

I'm Having The Same Problem It Might Just Have To Do With It Being On Brower, I Always See Stuff Late qwq

this was so cute 🥺🥺

it was beautiful i love your work

this is so sad :(

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