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You wake up in a different world.

You have until nighttime to escape.

Why are you here? 

You've forgotten something important. But what?

Remember - before it's too late, and you're lost forever.

A dark/funny/surreal game about loneliness and loss. Comes with chat-speaking cyclopic cat and moon that tells dad jokes. 


  • 5 endings
  • 5 - 30 minutes each play-through
  • Surreal, original art and story
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Linux


"I'm never gonna hit that button. Not ever." - Markiplier

"It's every bit as strange as it looks, and even heavier than it sounds." - PCGamer

**Warning: contains explicit handling of suicide.**

・ 。
☆∴。 *

Made in 48 hrs for LD Compo 41 (source code on Github). Find me on twitter or tumblr; find the music/fonts/tools in "About" on the title screen.

If you support me with $5+, you can unlock 16 HQ wallpapers of in-game art! Major creds to avogado6 for art inspiration. As always, hope you enjoy :)


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YOU LEFT ME_wallpapers.zip 84 MB
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This tab was open for a few days. Opened it again by chance out of my 30+ tabs opened, just as my girlfriend, the love of my life, told me I wouldn't be able to talk to her ever again and blocked me from every social media.

Reading the screenshots.....I looks like a great game. But I won't be playing it, sorry. I won't play it in a long long time.

Amazing graphics and interesting story.

I'm such a big fan of the art style, and the music is fantastic. The last one I personally played was Missed Messages. Even with the heavy tones, it's worth a look from anyone.

I made a vid for it, and got a few of the different scenes. I didn't realize how many there was. Thank you for the amazing content.

Amazing work. I can´t believe such a short game is able to make me feel those emotions. I'll keep playing to try and get all endings :).

this game is so good! I've recommended it to some friends and I'm crying rn and its such a good game!


Attention Youtubers! If marthawilson@youleftme.club reaches out to you offering a sponsorship, DO NOT ACCEPT. I have no idea who she is, but if you download the game from youleftme.club you'll probably get some weird malware.

See screenshots of what to look out for here: https://imgur.com/a/pKa34pC

Thanks to @HistoryMarche and @aestaeticYT for bringing this to my attention.

This game is sooooooooooooo in amazing, I love it, thaks for this masterpiece. 


Most games/VN, make you feel like the choices you have are forced. This game, although there were no real choices, all felt natural and correct. I think that says a lot about your writing abilities and your connection to the MC. Hope this is benefitting to you and whoever else may find your message. Thank you.

From the art, to the music choice, everything about this game is so right! I love it! I felt so connected to this, if you are sensitive to suicide I would be careful, but I love this so much! Very well done!

This really hurt my feels gosh. The art is so beautiful and the good ending had me crying.

I love this so much!! Can I know what art program you use? 

They use photoshop, its in the about on the title screen

Thank you!

Definitely something off about that cat.


It hit the feels man

Absolutely beautiful

Very well done 

I thoroughly enjoyed this and there’s still a lot more to uncover here !


Very nice game. The art is stunning as usual and the story, while short, is very impactful. I played through all the endings and enjoyed it a lot.

great game. i cried at each ending.. the haunting soundtrack and the art style was executed beautifully. ive played ur games and you handle such mature subjects in a wonderful manner. thanks for making this, and spreading awareness about mental health. <3 sincerely, a huge fan.

This is nice


-Made a Video. (Old Video)

Loved this game so much. Gave me goosebumps literally 5 minutes into playing. That's intense..

This was really good. Everything about this is just so eerily beautiful..

I come from part of the Streamer NicoCore

Men, i downloaded it without many expectations to play on my stream and wow, i cried my ass off. Beatifull artwork and even better sound design. Just perfect

This is so cool. This art style is everything

This is such a beautiful and unique game! I absolutly loved it! Keep up the good work!!


This game is very well made and atmospheric. But the themes can be really heavy so I would recommend you play it on a good and not a bad day. Love the artstyle.

i love this


i love the concept of this game. because it is pretty unique. the animation in this game is also 10/10 and the music is dope as heck! 
i have this mixed emotion while playing this game. i am happy that the game is amazing but also i am also saddened because i tried every scenarios but i always ended up in the same result. 


I loved the art style and sense of reality it brought into the game. 

Emotional rollercoaster of a game. I tried to do things differently in every fashion over and over again. I played for about an hour so I could read all of the text (though I'm sure I still missed something). It's lovely. Thank you for sharing your work and story. Empath as I am, this one got me. 

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This made me depressed. I keep trying to find a way to help this person out of it, but she dies every time, I cried several times playing this...

I mean, the game is very well made, you should definitely try it, there is rarely anyone as sensitive as me so most people wouldn't cry with this game


Super appreciate the spoilers. Good job.


Definitely doesn't always happen. So, if you can put yourself through some more, it's worth it to see the other side of things.

Deleted 94 days ago

While it does sound very rewarding to find a situation where the character doesn't kill herself, I just managed to push through my suicidal hole I was in for a few weeks so I don't feel like getting back into something emo this soon
I tried every combination of actions I could, but she died every time...

there are two really good choices. and one she doesnt die, you just need to read whats on the fridge.

This game is amazing in everything: art, soundtrack, story, characters, ideas... I absolutely love it. But the cat was, by far, my favorite thing,

This small experience made me see thoughts i have not noticed in a long time, my love has suicidal plans and is getting help now but.........      we live far away from eachother so it's hard to do anything for them and they can't have there phone where they are getting help so when we do get to communicate to eachother it's very awkward. to the people who made this game, thank you.

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This game is really well done. I was surprised by how much I liked it and how deep it was! Angela He, you and your team did a great job with this concept.

This game has such incredible artwork! It's beautiful. The music is well chosen. I enjoyed the interface and the ideas of the story.

It was very nice as I continue, note that I am speaking from heart, not from mind. This was outstanding artwork, deserving a quality title. A title that states it should be looked at like, 'This is what I respect' by everyone.

This game was very beautiful. The art style was very unique, the music was groovy (I personally love lo-fi and such), and the narrative was touching.

For a game that deals with depression, loneliness, and suicide, it was actually more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Most games that deal with these subjects are just... well, depressing, for lack of better words. This game, however, put it into a more approachable experience. I wouldn't recommend this game to someone who has been through depression, or is going through it, but for people that are looking to get in their feels, this game is a lot more digestible.

I have no complaints. If something could attain perfection then this game would come very close. I look forward to playing more games from this creator!

This game is completely wonderful, I seen a YouTuber play this. And this game made me realize that it's about handling suicide.

melhores jogos indies, onde You left me aparece
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