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Loved the game. Amazing work my man.

my channel:

watch video here:

thank you for making this game. It was beautifully illustrated, and dealt with matters that needed to be addressed. I believe there are the good one percent in our world, and you are part of it.

I literally cried fucking beautiful 


whats the song man i loved it so much great damn game

yess if you find the song please tell me

All songs: Yung Sherman - All About You, rxdlxst - I Can't Forget You, and Rose - Bed Time Candy

I went on YouTube and looked up to you left me song and it came up that's all you have to do.


this game is just so beautiful. it made me cry 


The Art style of this game is spectacular  and i instantly fell in love with it, The music is amazing as well right from the start, and i love the messages this game is trying to get through to you. However, this game is clearly based around a  story, a story that is ment to make you question this world and all the lies in it, as well as feel the sadness and loneliness the characters experiences, and the game failed to do that to me. This was the core mechanic of the game, however i believe it was executed poorly.



What you put in the comment is your opinion, also the game is meant to help you understand what it's like dealing with lose  and suicidal thoughts if you don't feel anything that was in the game you may not have connected with the game and the story. This is coming from someone who has lost loved ones and has been through this and I'm not say that you haven't lost anyone everyone has lost someone once in their lifetime, but I made this comment because of the way you went about rating the game I would have left it alone if you had not rated it so poorly for a different reason not to mention the fact that you said it was executed poorly, also don't judge a game or game creater. If you can do better then Angela then by all means try but the game is meant to effect the general public not just you.

beautiful art style, very simplistic yet powerful story telling nice work 

Will you add this game on android?,im looking forward to play this on my phone

Hello I was curious about your game so I made a short video on my channel. I definitely think I got the bad ending here! lol! I really like the very surreal visual and the music! Hope you and my fellow gamers will enjoy!


Cool and sad lol

i play this game and i upload this game to my youtube channel

and your game is good

Lovely game. Amazing art, great dialogue, all around just wow.

I love the aesthetic, and the atmosphere is ridiculously great. It pulls you right in.

Thanks for creating this piece of art.

this game is the best I almost cried, I never lost someone but I lostmyself--



Hey I commented once already about what an amazing job you did. But I just made and uploaded a video on it. Sorry about the audio, the music slightly overpowered my voice because my mic aint great, I'm just happy to promote the game and this site. 

I loved this game so much, I was compelled to write a book on it, I hope that you continue to make amazing games like this, thank you so much for this touching game.

This game is freaking beautiful, I wanted to play it simply for the art. But once i started playing I began to love the game in it's entirety. It's short but the emotion that it holds made it feel so much longer. As sad and dark as the topic was I enjoyed every second. Thank you so much for making this.

Thanks so much for putting in the effort to make this astounding game, really beatiful, i got all the negative endings before realising the one path i had not gone down was there i actaully cried on the final and happy ending, once again thanks so muuch for making this and i can't wait for some more amazing games from you!


An incredibly surreal game with beautiful art and music! Senior Waffles/Doggo is best boi. 

Short but, awesome game. The design is amazing. Thank you for this game.

I really really love this game. Thank you for making it, I really liked the art and music in it. Thank you for creating this masterpiece, have a wonderful day you beautiful human beings.


This game is something else. This is an amazing game that I could not praise enough. From the story to the amazing soundtrack. This is a 10/10 for me. Well done.

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Markimoo brought me here. 

I love your games btw. 

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 i think the sadest part is feeling the same as she does


I really enjoyed this game a lot. I think it's really interesting that in all your media related to the game, you always punctuate the title with a period. It's these little things that I think help to drive home the impact of the game's narrative. I haven't really played a game that was unique in things concerning visual novel UI and delivery, so props for doing something out of the box! I also think your art is amazing, and I tried to emulate it for my thumbnail. Your art is an inspiration!

Such a sad and truthful game. So many people are actually going through stuff like this and it just gives us a taste of what they feel like. Thanks for making it, it's awesome. I know this doesn't really matter but who did the girl lose? Just something I wanted to know. 

Hi guys, a friend sent me the download link to try. I think I got all the endings and honestly you guys have done an amazing job with this concept. I'm a games designer myself and actually began developing the idea of a surreal experience based around mental health. But yeah absolutely loved it!

What are the names of the songs in the game?

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title screen: Yung Sherman - All about you

main music: rxdlxst - I can't forget you

some endings: rose - bed time candy

It's in "About"

yesss thankyouu

This game is so interesting! I love it!

Keep Going! | You Left Me

This was really heartbreaking, and shows the disassociation that can occur after traumatic events. I didn't have the heart to get one of the endings, so I only had the Survive ending, but it was a really enjoyable game, and the moon was hilarious.

This game really took my breath away when I went through the first ending. Then, I went and did the other endings as well and it still made me amazed. Thank you so much for making this. 

Stopped playing just to comment, best game I've played in a WHILE and I havent even finished it. I love everything about it. Deep and meaningful story, vibe-ing music, and outstanding art. I could go on, but I must continue playing this amazing creation.

Linux players :
After some back and forth with the creator of the game the Linux version is working yet for some of us the sound just doesn't work on Linux neither music nor sound effects are playing.

This is beautiful game, with a deep storyline.

Always interesting to see projects such as this come from such an intense Game Jam.

Check out my video at 08:17 for a brief spoiler free overview of You Left Me.

Most Amazing Game I've ever played most emotional

This game was absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much for making this game, I love the art style, and I love the simple but deep story.  It was made perfectly.  

I got this error?

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