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when i finally managed to save her i started crying so hard for some reason, it was so beautiful, thank you angela you're amazing


Thank you - brilliant game. One question. The About text said it was based on real life + disassociative amnesia. Did you mean real life + studying dis associative amnesia, or that you have it?


Let me also just say, if you are really 19 and made this game, there is a future ahead of you in this craft for sure.

What can i say ...Weird experience ...realy deep .. i loved the game thanku devs !!


*dev. One person made this.

In 48 hours.


I just finished this game, and omg. This game gives you the empty and sad feeling. This feeling is so familiar to me, and probably to many others. This game shows you how it feels to have a depression and it shows you the feeling of losing someone. The feeling is horrible but so damn real. There are people who think depression is something that will pass if you just ''get over it'' and ''go outside and exercise''. People who say this should play this game, or people who want to know the feeling of depression. I've had a depression for 6 years now and I know what it feels like. Talking can help, so please do this. Tell people who care so they can help you and support you. And never forget, you are not alone. 

I would like to praise the art style and the effort that went in to this game. It was a emotional, beautiful and real experience. Thank you and love you!

Good little game about depression.

First of all...I cried. I cried like a baby after the video ended. I lost my mom when I was 13. And my sister 3 months after my mom. This is a stunning, and beautiful game, and I was happy I was given the chance to play it. Thank you for making such a game.

Is there anyway to buy/download the soundtracks from this game? perhaps the artist has it on spotify? would REALLY appreciate it! its freaking AMAZING!!!


Hit "About" in the main menu and she's listed the names of the songs, then take it from there :) .

Loved this game, I definitely plan on revisiting to try out all the different endings. It hit close to home with me, i really love these style games that make you actually feel something.

This game is extremely powerful and spreads a very impactful message that hits many. Definitely a game I recommend and exploring and damn it hits the heart strings a little. I know I didn't get all of the endings but I couldn't go on with the rest of them. It just broke my heart. Still such a well made and powerful game that will live on with me. 

This game, is amazing. I don't know how to explain it, but i love the way you program it! please keep up the good work!

This is a very interesting and deep blend of art, emotions and narrative. I was very intrigued of how you visually represented all this feelings, doubts and difficult life choices in this game, I think you have a very vivid imagination, and an excellent way to convey your thoughts into shapes and colors.

I made a video playing the game:

if anyone's interested, best of luck for your future projects, looking for more of your work!

my boyfriend played this game and is convinced that the :join: ending is good and wants to do the same. i don't know what to do?? help


D: Sorry to hear that. Idk if it'll help but tell him it may be what he, I, and many others would like to do, but it's certainly not good. You'll never get to wake up from the dream world of grief and get to experience the good things that might happen in the future, like you, the person he's dating.

Might be a good idea to acknowledge things while keeping perspective on the present at the same time. Yes it is hard to lose someone, but remember that you still have people that are important to you and care about you right here right now. Time heals all wounds, and in time things will happen as they will.

I too got a distinct feeling that the "Join" option was the "happy ending", even more so than "Live". I'm sure this wasn't the developer's message and that there's a deeper meaning. Perhaps they're portraying what suicide can feel like to a person who is grieving and actively suicidal, but I can see how it can trigger people in similar situations to have thoughts of SU.

I'm sorry this has caused your boyfriend to have suicidal thoughts. My advice is to seek professional help if you are worried. I know this is a late reply, but talk to your doctor, or a local suicide prevention/psychiatric organisation. You'll get more concrete advice from them.

This is an amazing work of art. I'm sorry that I can't give you the support your team deserves, but I can say that you have made something remarkable.

How do I run the game?




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The feeling and emotion this game gives was awesome while playing it. The art, music, and the dialogue driven story really makes it a fun interesting experience! I posted a short video of me getting a good ending when I  played through the game! I hope ya like 

I can't explain this synthesis of emotion, memories upon memories, some we can't forget, and some we can't get back, it's just not the same. Thank You for immersing us into this vivid world as an experience, and a story. Best wishes for those struggling with areas of life simmilar to this, and that you can go on to fight the good fight.

this it the BEST realistic game EVER! As someone who has gone through this (not exactly but u get my drift) I LOVE IT!

this game really fucked me up, bro; love the music, dig the artwork and surreal imagery, and the emotional content really got through to me. fuckn fantastic

This Game is deep. Survive or give in. In my life today. Never give in. I love the metaphors in this game and how this environment could easily become our world. 

Does anyone know how can I get the game wallpaper without the "You Left Me" typing


I really enjoyed the art in this game. Very nice!!

Can anyone tell me the song in the trailer please because songs like that help make me forget the bad things in this world.

It's in the About section of the game.  It's I can't forget you by rxdlxst. Gl :( ๐Ÿ’•


I played this game a few weeks ago.  I found it very relatable, as someone who deals with depression.  I think those of us that know depression or loss can find our self in the main character and her line of thought.  Hopefully not to the point of some of the endings, but how distorted the world looks through the lens of depression/sadness.

If you aren't familiar with these feelings, the game may not be for you.  It can give you an insight into the mind of those that do, but could be ultimately confusing and  even come off as pretentious.  Granted, the take on her a skewed view of medication could put people off.  Especially people who've found medications that help them.  And for those that need them, they should be on them.  I, however, also related to this.  I've been put on pill after pill for the past decade or two, none of them helping, and some making me feel like my emotions were forced upon me.  Usually not a happy emotion, but the lack of them all together.  I can understand not wanting to take something that feels it is hiding or masking your true self, or not allow you to feel anything--ever.  

This is a wonderful game.  I feel those who can relate should take a peek at it.  Those who have loved ones that are dealing with loss or depression SHOULD play it.  It will be confusing and it's so easy to get lost in it, but it can show what a chaotic mess and line of thought those with emotional/mental issues face. 

And the Art and Music is fantastic. Good job.

I don't know if I can call it skewed. It gives a negative impression, but any game about one person's experience is neccessarily anecdotal. Note that the protagonist does say that the clinic is useless because she does not dare open up.


I want to be able to say I like your game. I want to be able to say it was very well done and it resonated with me (it did). But I just can't. Your portrayal of therapy and medication is just plain harmful. It perpetuates this idea that medication is fake or doesn't work. That you can just power through the sadness with enough willpower but that's just not real. If you can go without therapy or meds then great. But for others it's a life saver. Those medications aren't magical happy pills pushed to people to replace an actual solution. They balance out the many chemicals that can make you depressed because you'e been sad for so long your brain pumps it in because it think that's normal. The meds are there to help put your system back in place in conjuntion with therapy and support from people you care about. Not everyone needs them or therapy no. But the stigma behind them and therapy helps lead down the hole this story ends with in most endings. It's a stigma perpetuated by the happy pills mentality and honestly it's sad to see from an otherwise great story that really is familir to anyone who's gone through this. 


I feel like you believe the happy pills are anti-depressants. Nowhere did I say that. Nowhere, either, did I say that the main character was depressed. The pills could be opiods or xanax. All I said they did was purportedly 'take the pain away'.  Also, I personally have had shitty experiences with medical professionals. This game is based off of my experiences. If meds work for you, great. This game is a personal story - a case study.


Hey fella, they're just expressing their opinion, no need to sound so defensive <3


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Why is it you think this story reflects how the actual world is like? This is the experience the CHARACTER is living, albeit in this deformed surrealistic view of her world, and nowhere does the game state this is what every therapist is like, nor does it state that medication is inherently bad. You seem to think that this kind of media should always portray the "good parts" of everything, why though? There HAVE been shitty therapists prescribing shitty pills to people who didn't need them thus worsening the situation, this is the case here, that's it.

Loved the game. Amazing work my man.

my channel:

watch video here:

thank you for making this game. It was beautifully illustrated, and dealt with matters that needed to be addressed. I believe there are the good one percent in our world, and you are part of it.

I literally cried fucking beautiful 


whats the song man i loved it so much great damn game

yess if you find the song please tell me

All songs: Yung Sherman - All About You, rxdlxst - I Can't Forget You, and Rose - Bed Time Candy

I went on YouTube and looked up to you left me song and it came up that's all you have to do.


this game is just so beautiful. it made me cry 


The Art style of this game is spectacular  and i instantly fell in love with it, The music is amazing as well right from the start, and i love the messages this game is trying to get through to you. However, this game is clearly based around a  story, a story that is ment to make you question this world and all the lies in it, as well as feel the sadness and loneliness the characters experiences, and the game failed to do that to me. This was the core mechanic of the game, however i believe it was executed poorly.



What you put in the comment is your opinion, also the game is meant to help you understand what it's like dealing with lose  and suicidal thoughts if you don't feel anything that was in the game you may not have connected with the game and the story. This is coming from someone who has lost loved ones and has been through this and I'm not say that you haven't lost anyone everyone has lost someone once in their lifetime, but I made this comment because of the way you went about rating the game I would have left it alone if you had not rated it so poorly for a different reason not to mention the fact that you said it was executed poorly, also don't judge a game or game creater. If you can do better then Angela then by all means try but the game is meant to effect the general public not just you.

beautiful art style, very simplistic yet powerful story telling nice work 

Will you add this game on android?,im looking forward to play this on my phone

Hello I was curious about your game so I made a short video on my channel. I definitely think I got the bad ending here! lol! I really like the very surreal visual and the music! Hope you and my fellow gamers will enjoy!


Cool and sad lol

i play this game and i upload this game to my youtube channel

and your game is good

Lovely game. Amazing art, great dialogue, all around just wow.

I love the aesthetic, and the atmosphere is ridiculously great. It pulls you right in.

Thanks for creating this piece of art.

this game is the best I almost cried, I never lost someone but I lostmyself--

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