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I really enjoyed this game, the art of it is very beautiful, and has a deep history


You could translate the game into Spanish is that my English is super basic and the game looks great

who did she lose?

im bad at this lol

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Beautiful artstyle, loved the game ^^

Honestly this was so good I have nothing to say that could make the game better. Maybe make more things to do at home? I still really love this game. It has to be one of the best 2 visual novels I have ever read, and that says a lot cause I read A LOT of visual novels.


beautiful and sad game. i love the art style so much. i streamed on twitch playing this & missed messages and had such an emotional experience! 


Really unique experience, loved the art style and music.


I cried playing this. Its such a beautiful and meaningful game.. Thank you so much for developing this. 


could someone please walk me through installing this on linux? <3


It`'s the third of your games, I've played and althogh I liked "A New Life" and "Missed Messages" more, I also liked this one especially for the amazing artworks.

I'm already a fan of your very emotional games and looking forward to play more of them :)


This tab was open for a few days. Opened it again by chance out of my 30+ tabs opened, just as my girlfriend, the love of my life, told me I wouldn't be able to talk to her ever again and blocked me from every social media.

Reading the screenshots.....I looks like a great game. But I won't be playing it, sorry. I won't play it in a long long time.

Amazing graphics and interesting story.


I'm such a big fan of the art style, and the music is fantastic. The last one I personally played was Missed Messages. Even with the heavy tones, it's worth a look from anyone.

I made a vid for it, and got a few of the different scenes. I didn't realize how many there was. Thank you for the amazing content.


Amazing work. I can´t believe such a short game is able to make me feel those emotions. I'll keep playing to try and get all endings :).


this game is so good! I've recommended it to some friends and I'm crying rn and its such a good game!


Attention Youtubers! If reaches out to you offering a sponsorship, DO NOT ACCEPT. I have no idea who she is, but if you download the game from you'll probably get some weird malware.

See screenshots of what to look out for here:

Thanks to @HistoryMarche and @aestaeticYT for bringing this to my attention.

This game is sooooooooooooo in amazing, I love it, thaks for this masterpiece. 


Most games/VN, make you feel like the choices you have are forced. This game, although there were no real choices, all felt natural and correct. I think that says a lot about your writing abilities and your connection to the MC. Hope this is benefitting to you and whoever else may find your message. Thank you.


From the art, to the music choice, everything about this game is so right! I love it! I felt so connected to this, if you are sensitive to suicide I would be careful, but I love this so much! Very well done!


This really hurt my feels gosh. The art is so beautiful and the good ending had me crying.

I love this so much!! Can I know what art program you use? 

Deleted post

Thank you!


Definitely something off about that cat.


It hit the feels man

Absolutely beautiful

Very well done 

I thoroughly enjoyed this and there’s still a lot more to uncover here !

Very nice game. The art is stunning as usual and the story, while short, is very impactful. I played through all the endings and enjoyed it a lot.

great game. i cried at each ending.. the haunting soundtrack and the art style was executed beautifully. ive played ur games and you handle such mature subjects in a wonderful manner. thanks for making this, and spreading awareness about mental health. <3 sincerely, a huge fan.

This is nice


-Made a Video. (Old Video)

Loved this game so much. Gave me goosebumps literally 5 minutes into playing. That's intense..

This was really good. Everything about this is just so eerily beautiful..

I come from part of the Streamer NicoCore

Men, i downloaded it without many expectations to play on my stream and wow, i cried my ass off. Beatifull artwork and even better sound design. Just perfect

This is so cool. This art style is everything

This is such a beautiful and unique game! I absolutly loved it! Keep up the good work!!


This game is very well made and atmospheric. But the themes can be really heavy so I would recommend you play it on a good and not a bad day. Love the artstyle.

i love this


i love the concept of this game. because it is pretty unique. the animation in this game is also 10/10 and the music is dope as heck! 
i have this mixed emotion while playing this game. i am happy that the game is amazing but also i am also saddened because i tried every scenarios but i always ended up in the same result.


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