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god i like it ;-; the story,music and the art style...and more!

ps: and the cat is cute!!!! emowwwmoeweooas,dww <3


omg i accidentally unfollowed u cuz i was trying to see ur other games im so sorry

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?


-my friend after seeing the game <3

Wonderful art and soundtrack, absolutely love this.

This game is stunning, the music, visuals, story... everything

The art style, music, and story are really good! It made me tear up a bit because I could relate to some of the stuff the MC was going through.

This game is amazing. I even got emotional at the end of the game because of a loss I had from my Lola...

I don't have the words... This is seriously good.

This is beautiful, love the art and the story, help me relax.


What a beautiful game, i can't describe it enough because i feel the same way as her, sad, lonely but somewhere in that dark dark place, there is hope.

This is my favourite game

~ b e a u t i f u l ~

𝘈𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘰𝘪𝘥 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦?! 🤞🏾😭🔫

This was really beautiful and well made, thank you for this !!

I absolutely love it... Thank you so much

Liked it

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i think your english audio myllasfreitas is playing backwards i couldnt understand it.

Sorry my friend. I am from Brazil and i am speak portuguese ;)

I was just kidding around. Portuguese is great. Wish I knew how to speak it or any language besides English. I am a lazy American though so it's hard.

this game broke me

What is this music? Please let me know someone.

If you mean the music in the trailer:
rxdlxst - I can't forget you

what about the good ending music I love it



No french :( . 

Sorry I'm bad at English, but I'm good at math ^^

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You Left Me ist definitiv nichts für zarte Gemüter. Das Spiel thematisiert den Verlust eines geliebten Menschen und Suizidgedanken.

Das Gefühl der Einsamkeit und Antriebslosigkeit wird erschreckend genau wiedergegeben. Die musikalische Untermalung und der Art Style sind äußerst atmosphärisch und runden das Gesamtbild ab.

Auch wenn man versucht, der Protagonistin nur das bestmögliche Ende zu geben, wird man intensiv zum Nachdenken angeregt. Ich habe mich zu jeder Zeit gefragt, welche Entscheidung ich in dieser Situation treffen würde.

Das Spiel hat eine kurze Laufzeit und ist perfekt für Menschen geeignet, die sich trotz fehlender Zeit einem wunderschönen Spiel widmen möchten.


Absouletly amazing game, love you as a creator an always have been going through grief and this game makes me feel heard thank you, this is the only game that has ever made me cry.

Great game! Really enjoyed the visual style, the music, and the choices - some of them felt very real. Appreciate the work.

Thank you so much for your games, Angela! They're really something special and also important. They deliver difficult topics and important messages in a good, if not abstract, way. And those drawings, music and sounds are very beautiful!

Keep up the good work!!

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A really short indie narrative point-and-click adventure that doesn't take too much out of your day to experience. recommend a try.


love the art! 10/10! I replayed 3 times to get a ending where i lived. haha


I love the art! really short game but still loved it!



Oh i'm sobbing. Hits close to home. Beautiful story and artwork, thank you.

I love the game art and I love being able to interact with the gameobjects in each scene.

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my experience with this game was a lil bit different bruu…

10/10 game bruu!💃💃💃


my legs are wobbly,im crying,knowing i felt this pain before,but you angela made my deppresion cured your like a therepist that uses games like your the protaginist using the real world and fake they both help and your all feel your falling into a void with your memories coming in remembering the times you never where sad remembering them just makes you want to end life and start over but your games teach that always seek and help and tell someone your comfertable with (Thank you for the games)-mousy  (sheesh i made a paragraph about deppresion yet i can't do one about sportts XD)


All of your work is so beautiful and I'm  amazed every time, so peaceful yet unsettling a true talent highly recommend 

Hmm Idk why it won't work on my windows it keeps taking me to the microsoft app store saying it's not verified

help somebody


i have the same problem. I'm not really sure how to fix it. It needs an app i think to run it . But it just wont load it because it says its unsafe. So the problem may be just Microsoft in general or maybe not. Right now im trying to find a way to turn that setting of for the store. But i think it'll take awhile to figure out.


Ohh I saw theres this thing on the laptop where you have to press, Idk if it's like "You can download anything" but it worked for me


i have the same problem

i played this game and i loved it! i went through all the endings and what i can say is im so touched by this masterpiece of a game.

i played this game years ago and it left a deep mark on me but I didn't properly keep track of it! So happy to find it again today! This time I'll not let it go!

Very Heavy and emotional game, nice work 

bro this art is incredible and the game is amazing the message really hits deep, Thank You

UUUGH THIS GAME PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS, the art always amazing, i enjoyed A LOT!!!! good job, angela <#3

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