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This game was very emotional. It hurt me but not in a bad way but a way that allowed me to be honest with myself and reflect on my past. To make me think about I'm not alone with how I used to mask my feelings and burying them deep within and slowly but surely that mask begins to break. Your clock begins to tick down day after day until one day you can't handle it anymore. Even though I haven't loss a loved one in my life yet I've certainly lost myself before and I think this game demonstrates that perfectly. This game made me feel more than any other triple a game could ever do. With that being said I hope you release more games like this and keep up the great work.


beautifu.  I want to play it more but just the short ending that I got made me hurt too badly. 

I really like this game. If you like, I can translate it in Chinese.


it won't work on my Mac :(( 

This is my favorite game by Angela He. 10/10.


art by meh <3love ur games yuh

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The art is always amazing in Angela He games.

The movement and SFX really complete the atmosphere!



Angela He a different breed bruh. Dope concept, wished it was longer. 

I really liked the game, its story, the way it presented the story, in short, it impressed me with everything. The game makes you question life, and that's great. However, my friends cannot play the game because there is no Turkish language option. If you want, I would love to translate the game. Here is my e-mail address:


I wish it had more updates...I guess it can't be helped........THE MAJESTY!


This game is beautiful, I sometimes open the game just to look at some of the screens (especially the ledge with teeth <3)


This Game Is Amazing.


Awesome game, beautiful

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I wish I could find the words to describe this game and give it the praise it deserves. When playing this game, I didn’t know what to expect and went into it blind to previous comments and reactions. I’d read the description of the game, but perhaps not digested it fully. I found my emotions changing throughout this game as the realisation of its content hit me. My reactions was enhanced through the amazing imagery, narrative and audio that accompanied the game. No words on my video or in the comments section could ever do the experience you have created justice. It was beautiful, heartwarming, heartbreaking and unexpected. Thank you for creating this game and putting so much thought, time and effort into it. Every second playing this game highlights your attention to detail and dedication. Simply brilliant. Thank you for sharing this with us. You deserve so much praise. 

Got goosebumps~

I know much of the intent behind this game isn't something that can really directly apply to my lived experiences, but I still found myself reformatting what I was presented to affix onto my own issues and trauma and it still made me feel seen. Thank you.

I've played this game multiple times now. I make a promise each time, to not give up. Thank you for making this.

OKay okay this game was so pretty and well made but made me so sad!! The fact that there is only one "good" ending really hit me hard! The dad jokes were a really nice addition! Also one eyed kitty??? Yes please!! This was beautifully done and totally worth how sad it made me feel lol



"5 - 30 minutes each play-through" you say, i beat the game 100% in 29 minutes


This was unexpected, to say the least. The visual and verbal metaphors were perfect.


Beautiful game, both storywise and illustrationwise. It really hit close to home. Did a video playthrough with all endings I think.
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This game was an amazing, heartfelt experience. I was shaken and soothed at the same time, and I explore the emotional effect it had on me in the video.


Very interesting and powerful game. unfortunately I choose the wrong path and the game ended quickly but i will try to get the other ending for sure. I like the artstyle aswell.

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I like your work this game is verry beautyful i like the art of this game

i made a video on it plzz watch it

If you are happy with this gameplay then subscribe me

thank you


Spoilers incoming.

The pacing is a bit off at first, but I'd imagine that's what it feels like for someone who has amnesia. I got three suicide endings before finally getting the good one. The metaphors, symbolism, and overall writing/message is incredible; alongside the visual art. The "about" says it was based on true events, and I'm sorry to Angela if you actually had to experience these things. This game is definitely worth your time to play.


Angela please stop to make me cry like a baby lol, I love your games!!! Your art is soo pretty 

Angela  He's games hit different 

5/5 endings No Commentary

Very good game!!!

Very good game and it was pretty easy to find all the endings as well!

Great game! The art and sound are the awesomen. And plot too. 


I'm really growing fond of these narrative games that Angela has put time and effort to present to us. There are always different views to life and this game takes the time to show what others are going through.

Thank you Angela for the experience.

Here's my playthrough 2/many endings for all to enjoy!

woooowwww that's was really great! Best game ever !

go sub to buju mike

nani dis cool

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This game was amazing and when I got the "Live" ending I started crying so much it made me so sad even though I never lost someone close.

this game is amazing i- it made me shed a tear 

Playing this game makes me feel like I'm free falling

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